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The Ultimate Guide For The Best Eyeshadow Palettes Of 2021

Eyeshadow can change your look and boost your mood. Now you can go from subtle, neutral hues for day to smoky, sultry shades for a night and everything in between in no time.

Whether you`re a beginner or a fashionista in the eyeshadow realm, we understand that picking out the best eyeshadow palette can be intimidating. When you have so many brands offering eyeshadow palettes out there, it becomes pretty hard to decide which one is your go-to palette and what colors are most comfortable to wear without needing much expertise.

So have you decided to take your eye makeup to the next level to add some sparkle to your eyes?

But you are not sure how to pick the best one. No worries!

With our ultimate guide for eyeshadow palettes along with tips, you can easily choose the best one.

20 Irresistible Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Investing In

Buying a palette is the same as getting into a relationship, and it`s a responsible commitment. Have you ever shoot at out 100 dollars on a single eyeshadow palette only to use two shades from it? Obviously yes! Many people do this.

But this isn`t the budget-friendly way!

To make sure your makeover dedication doesn`t go to waste, we have scoped out the niche trends to find the most eligible palettes that offer similar eye shades.

Below, these palettes from the passed all the tests to come out as the most worthy investments, from dominant pigments to wearable colors. Have a close look at our top 20 picks!

1. Best Nude Eyeshadow Palette With Dazzling Color


Brand: BYS

Color: 12 Blushed Nudes

Finish Type: Shimmery, Glitter

Price: $13.95

Let`s just kick this thing off with a palette that we all are obsessed with! You can purchase this gorgeous palette from at a reduced price using the catch coupon code.

2. Good Eyeshadow Palettes With Natural Bronze


Brand: Anastasia

Color: Soft Glam

Finish Type: Shimmering, Smoke

Price: $67.95

Out of the best colorful eyeshadow palettes, this eyeshadow features a warm nude pallet, natural glitter, and Smokey eye. These shadows can turn out to be hot folk festival cosmetic gift set.

3. The Rock Nudes Eye Shadow Palette


Brand: Kissandmakeup

Color: Multi Shades

Finish Type: Matte, Shine

Price: $15.90

It comes with heavy metal colors that include 5 metallic eye shadows, with the rest being glittery or shimmery. You`ll love the pigments on top of each application for a stunning look.

4. 4 In 1 Top Selling Eyeshadow Palettes


Brand: Revlon ColorStay

Color: 4 Popular Colors

Finish Type: Matte Shimmer, Glitter Metallic

Price: $10.50

Although this is a huge eye shadow palette of four colors but also very convenient to carry. It offers a vast collection of high pigmentation and smooth velvety powder to help you make layers on your eyes naturally.

5. James`s Best Morphe Palette


Brand: Morphe

Color: 39 Shades Of Pigment

Finish Type: Matte, Shimmer

Price: AUS $39.00

If you`re looking to get boom for your buck, the James Charles Palette from Morphe belongs to your choice. This palette is exceptionally adaptable and can work well for anyone and everyone.

6. Revolution Beauty Reloaded in Velvet Rose


Brand: NARS

Color: 12 Colors Stories

Finish Type: Matte, Pigment

Price: $67.95

If you are hunting for inexpensive makeup, your need has got covered here. Although These shadows are pigmented but still very easy to use, blending out the best eyeshadow palette for beginners.


7. Urban Decay Naked Heat


Brand: Strawberrynet

Color: 12 Trendy Colors

Finish Type: Versatile, Glamorous

Price: US $69.50

If you`re looking for warm shades, urban decay has got you covered. Out of the best eyeshadow palettes, it offers the perfect collection of warm browns to help you get an on-trend berry look.

8. Light Eye Contour Palette And Shades


Brand: Sephora

Color: 50 Effects

Finish Type: Glitter, Contour

Price: $37.50

If you`re looking for a tremendous array of matte shadows, these shades are specially designed for you. The lightly shaded palette turns out to be the best eyeshadow palette for contouring eyes.

9. BYS Off Tropic Shadow Palette


Brand: BYS

Color: Multi Colors

Finish Type: Glitter, Contour

Price: $21.95

Get killer eyes with the best eyeshadow palettes 2021. You can get a bit of upshot with these shadows, but since the powder is so fine, it`s easy to buff away without troubling the rest of your makeup.

10. Mini Eyeshadow Palette


Brand: Maybelline The City

Color: Basic Shades

Finish Type: Pigment, Warm Tones

Price: USD 7.50

Looking for the best-pigmented eyeshadow palette makeup line? This palette can be your new go-to for creating any makeup look you dreamed up, from daytime chic to high-voltage glam. 


11. Nude Holiday Gift Set


Brand: Huda

Color: Light Shades

Finish Type: Mattes, Shimmers

Price: $20.30

Huda is the best eyeshadow palette brand known for its all beauty products. This set has mini Liquid Matte in a complementing shade so you can define your perfect nude for the holidays.

12. Huda Shadow Palette


Brand: Huda

Color: Multi Shadow

Finish Type: Glitter, Glam

Price: $43.95

This eyeshadow palette will change your makeup game forever. It lets you create any look from your everyday look to a sultry glam look that you won`t put this palette down.

13. Four-Way Shadow Palette


Brand: Haus Laboratories

Color: Multi shaded

Finish Type: Glitter, Shimmer

Price: $35.00

Bring your aspiration out of the shadows with a new kind of four-way shadow. Each quad is curated to unlock allure with a range of 4 bendable finishes. Best shades for every day!


14. Cool Peach Eyeshadow Palette


Brand: BYS

Color: 12 Captivating Shades

Finish Type: Matte, Shimmer

Price: $13.95

This mysterious style builds your expression with a band of shades fluctuating from softly subtle neutrals to remarkable blues and sparkling tones for pure color fascination.

15. Milani Eyeshadow Palette - Most Loved Mattes


Brand: Makeup New Zealand

Color: 12 Shades

Finish Type: Metallic, Matte

Price: $22.00

Makeup NZ offers you endless multidimensional looks. This expertly curated makeup essential has various fun and flirty, and on-trend looks from neutrals to alluring and deep hues.

16. Ulta3 Day Dreamer Eyeshadow Palette


Brand: Ulta3

Color: Day Shades

Finish Type: Glitter, Shimmer

Price: $11.50

This Ulta3 Dreamer is designed for optimal artistry, and endless possibilities for a killer look. The palette includes magnetic pans and a powerful Key for easy applying and customizing shades.

17. LA Girl Break Free Eyeshadow Palette – This Is Me


Brand: MYM Beauty

Color: 16 Shades

Finish Type: Glam, Pigmented

Price: $23.94

This assortment brings your dreams to life with the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes that show-off the attractiveness in you. It gives stunning, monochromatic vibes from light to dark.

18. Chi-Chi Eyeshadow Collection


Brand: Tropicana

Color: 25 Shades

Finish Type: Glitter, Shine

Price: $51.95

Are you blush and highlighting fanatic? Yeah, us too! This is really excited to show off the new Fanatic Blush and Highlighting collection. It is focused on gorgeous blushes or highlighters.

19. Sugarpill Build Your Pro Palette - Mini


Brand: Lafem Me Beauty

Color: 6 Shades

Finish Type: Glitter, Shine

Price: $7.00

Grab a brush and show those cheeks some lovely pro palettes. This is an utterly customizable palette that lets you to pick the best shades to create the assortment of your choice.

20. Matte Rainbow Eyeshadow


Brand: Norvina

Color: Neon Colors

Finish Type: Matte, Metallic Texture

Price: $65.95

Inspired eyeshade from women`s feminine luxuriously pigmented material. Its waterproof formula turns out to be the best beauty exquisite. Plus, it offers a dramatic glamour look to enhance eye beauty.

You can find all these palettes extensively at the with affordable prices. Our Catch reviews can also help you out to pick the best products from this store.

Eyeshadow Basics Everyone Should Know


Choosing an eyeshadow can be challenging. There`s a lot of combination involved and a lot of pondering about which shades and textures suit you. That`s why palettes are so fun that you don`t have to pick just one shade or one texture; you can get them all.


And yet, with so many saving sites like Discounty putting out so many brands that offer shadows, picking which one is right for your skin tone isn`t tricky at all.

Here is our ultimate guide for your skin tone and other preferences to correctly use the palettes.

1. Top Tips To Remember

First of all, remember the following points:


  1. Find out the type of eye shape you have, so you can learn more about different shading techniques that work best for you.
  2. Cram up which part of your eye is what.
  3. Learn the usage brushes that are meant to do makeover.
  4. Choose the eyeshadow principle that works best for what you want.
  5. Don`t skip on the primer.
  6. If you`re looking to make colors that stand out, apply white liner before applying eyeshadow.
  7. Find out which shades of your basic eyeshadow palette are meant for each part of your eye.
  8. Remember that duos, trios, and quintets all have shadows intended for specific purposes.
  9. Use small patting and dabbing brushes to apply your all-over shadow color.
  10. Practice blending using gentle movements with your blending brush.
  11. After that, use windshield wiper motions to soften any eye`s harsh lines.
  12. Don`t be afraid to make a very particular shape first, then blend it, so the edges fade away.
  13. You can use an eyeshadow pencil to draw a defined shape first, then gradually blend that out.
  14. If you have hooded eyes, drill out your makeup practice repeatedly, so your crease colors are visible.
  15. Follow the easiest way to find your crease and control the tone. When applying eyeshade, tilt your head up and look down into the mirror.
  16. If you face trouble drawing a neat outer V for your eye shape, try starting with a hashtag shape.
  17. Waterproof makeup fallout is inevitable, but there are ways to fix it.
  18. Pick up a shadow and mascara shield to hold under your eye as you apply.
  19. Keep all your hard work in a place with a spritz of setting spray.

2. A Step-By-Step Guide To Apply Eyeshadow Correctly


Wrong eye makeup can ruin your look. On the other hand, right eye makeup can add oomph to the simplest outfit, which is why we put together this simple guide on how to apply eyeshadow the right way.

Step 1: Cleanse and moisturize your eyelids.


Step 2: Apply a premier to hold your makeup.  


Step 3: Start a Neutral shade, End a Dark one.


Step 4: Streak lower lashline with eye-pencil.  


Step 5: Finish off eye makeup with Mascara.   


3. Pair Up Your Eye shadows Like A Pro

It can be very confusing for many of us when we look at a palette of colors to figure out which ones work best together and which ones won`t. To learn which colors, finishes, and combinations work best together, remember the basic rules:

  1. Always include a neutral to keep the look more wearable and tone down the overall look.
  2. Always mix your finishes on your eyes to make your look like a disco ball.
  3. Use a light, medium, and dark color to have an attraction in the eyes.

Monochromatic Looks

These are where you take a single color in varying shadows and look based on just that color.


Polychromatic looks

Polychromatic looks are where you pair shades together based on light, medium, and dark. It doesn`t matter if the shades are in different colors until you keep following the light, medium and dark rule.


4. Best Eye Shadow Color Combinations

Here are our six eye shadow combinations that can turn out a signature look for your every dress. 

Bronze And Plum                           bronze-plum-eye-combination

Navy And Pink                                 pink-navy-eye-combination

Purple And Gold                        purple-gold-eye-combination

Chocolate Brown And Orangechocolatee-brown-orange-eye-combination

Bronze And Gold                        bronze-gold-eye-combination

Navy And Copper                    navy-copper-eye-combination

5. Pay Attention To Your Skin`s Undertone

Regardless of your skin`s complexion, whether light, fair, or dark, every skin tone has an undertone. So, if you look attractive in yellow, coral, and earthy tones, you likely have a warm undertone. Similarly, if you look good in blues, reds, and pinks, you probably have a cool undertone. Particularly, warm undertones look great with eye shadow colors, like golds and oranges, and cool undertones are likely to look friendly with colors, like blues or greens.

Basic Skin Tones


When it comes to picking up the eye shadows that work best for your skin tones, you can opt for palettes that highlight your undertone. Here is our simple guide for you!

Eyeshadow colors for light skin


Eyeshadow colors for medium skin/whitish skin


Eyeshadow colors for olive skin


Eyeshadow colors for dark brown skin


Eyeshadow colors for dark skin


6. Pick Shades That Flatter Your Eye Color

Women often fail out in matching their eye makeup to the clothes they are willing to wear. We recommend that every woman avoid these unreal fashion passes because these trends are not guaranteed to be flattered to your eyes.

Instead, you should choose eye makeup that really flatters your eye color. The shade should complement your natural eyes but not necessarily match them perfectly. Consider you have blue eyes and wear a blue choice, your eyes will appear dull.

different-styles-for-eyeshadeBased on your eyes we recommend the following:

Brown Eyes


Blue Eyes


Green/Hazel Eyes


Grey Eyes


The Bottom Line

We believe that the guide provided above helps your eyes that can cherish your every look utterly. If you don`t find an eyeshadow palette of your choice, no worries! This ultimate guide to picking out the worthy eyeshadow palette will still be helpful for your palette purchase.

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