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Solo Hangout - Tips For Hitting Camping Alone

Camping alone? Is it your first solo hangout? If yes, use our in-depth expert advice and tips to plan your adventurous trip to your dream destination.

A solo camping trip is an entertaining, safe, and adventurous way to unplug yourself from all the stress and helps you connect with nature and your inner self. It also prevents you from using technology, which is at your fingertips every time. It also allows you to admire and revamp your mental health thoughts at the same time.

But no matter how thrilling solo camping may sound, yet it has its own challenges. Because at the end of the day, you`re all alone, and your safety is the only thing that you have to bear in mind when it comes to camping alone.

No need to fear, and cancel your trip. We are here with the best tips that will guide you about everything. So without any further ado, let`s delve into our guide.

Benefits of Solo Camping

Well, there are immense benefits attached to solo camping. Whether you`re fond of hiking, hunting, or any other outdoor activities, camping allows you to do everything.

Besides, if you want to learn more about camping before going on a trip, then you can learn a few incredible techniques for your solo camping trip from some blog reviews, magazines and also you can ask your friends who had an experience of camping.

Also before you leave, you can prepare a guideline of each work you have to do at camping. In the end, you will find yourself the champion of camping and hiking, and you will be one of the best campers in New Zeeland. You can even visit Glamping wellington for your camping.

Shared below are its benefits

List of eye attracting benefits that you can enough


Hold on! We bet that you haven`t figure out much. No need to lose sleep; we`ve gathered all the best benefits of solo camping that you can check out.

1. Reconnect with nature

You explore more when you are alone as no one is there to disturb you. While camping in a group has late-night chats, most extended hikes, group pictures, games, and more things, but being alone makes you feel more connected to nature, which gives peace to your mind and soul. Your solo camping experience will include the most stunning sunrises and sunsets. So if you wish to explore all this, then Camp Glenorchy is the best place if you want to view the best parts of nature.

connect to nature

2. Choose your dream destination

No need to ask others while choosing the camping spot. You can go to Kaikoura camping or Lake Tekapo camping or anywhere you love. Plus, you are not bounded to follow someone`s instructions. You can plan the overall trip as per your likes and dislikes. Isn`t it desirable?

3. Stress-free travel

stress free

Sounds relaxing? Yes, you`ve read it right. You can enjoy a stress-free trip. Just leave behind all your life problems at home and enjoy your vacation with peace of mind and soul. A solo trip helps you to spend stress-free time and enjoy different activities which you love the most. You can take a projector with yourself to enjoy your favorite movie at night with hot magpie or ready to make soup.

4. Relish your inner kid

On a solo trip, you get a chance to live the way you want to. You can do whatever you love and enjoy many activities like; swimming, exploring underwater beauty, watching favorite movies, adventuring sky diving, bridge climbing, rappelling, and much more. This is a great time to fulfill your wishes you always had when you were a kid.

It is often believed that `In the forest, you lose your mind and find your soul.`


While you are camping alone, you must make a checklist to keep all the things in your bag before leaving. It would help if you planned a complete preparation, as there will be no one to help you in any manner. Here are some essential tips for solo camping to assist you in different ways.


  • Check Weather Updates

You must be aware of the weather of your camping area so that you can pack some of the safety products for yourself. Check till the end of your trip. Taupo camping is the best if you are going for the first time.

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."

What to Wear

  • Decide what you have to wear on your camping and hiking according to the weather of that area. And also bring some extra clothes with you in case of emergency. Here some of the outfits that might help you choose suitable clothes according to the weather of the area. If you`re not sure about Kathmandu`s products then you can check out the Kathmandu review for extra information.

Women`s Clothing
Men`s Clothing
Accion Women`s DriMotion Singlet
Vanua Men`s polo
Kamana Women`s Culottes
Men`s 100% Merino Long Sleeve V-Top
Kamana Women`s Tie Dress
Trailhead men`s hiking Short
Benhar Women`s Lightweight jacket
Murchison men`s heavyweight Pullover
Epic women`s 600 Fill Hooded Down jacket
Epic women`s 600 Fill Hooded Down jacket

  • What to Pack?

When packing for your solo trip must remember some of the necessities, include; clothes, shoes, food supplements, raincoats for a safe journey. Here we`re suggesting some of the products you will need for your trip. And if you want these products at cost valid price you can redeem the Kathmandu promo code at the time of purchase.

Travel bag packs
Toiletry Bags
Kitchen products
Gluon Beyond 18L Pack
Kit Mono
Flint Stick Firestarter v2
Federate travel pack
Kit Lite Toiletry Bag
Carry handle Insulated 1.2L Drink Bottle

Pack Some Dehydrated Meals

In case you cannot cook during your camping, or you got tired after hiking, you must have some food with you to boost your energy. Here listing some food items for you.

  1. Back Country Berry Smoothie
  2. Back Country Instant Cuisine mashed Potato
  3. Back Country Honey Soy Chicken

Other Additional Camping gears

Retreat 40 2 Person tent
1. Camping Tent

Product Name: Retreat 40 2 Person tent

Price: $199.98

mono tent
2. Hiking Tent

Product Name: Mono 1 person tent v2

Price: $249.98

You can also try Coleman tents NZ.

3. Hiking Bag pack (Your Tough day tripper)

Product Name: Trailhead Pack

Price: $139.98

4. Head Light for Hiking

Product Name: Raven 50 Head Torch

Price: $25.00

5. Lantern for Night Camping

Product Name: Goal Zero Crush Light

Price: $39.98

6. Gloves for snowy place

Product Name: Polypro Gloves

Price: $24.98

You can explore more impressive products for your trip by visiting their websites.

Solitary Camping Checklist

Making a checklist is not difficult; you have to keep some crucial things in your mind, which we are listed down. Keep it with yourself on a trip if something happens to help you.


Leave this checklist in your vehicle, so you will get help quickly if you lost somewhere or are stuck somewhere.

Safety Measures

First-time solo camping can be quite tricky, but it`s essential to keep yourself safe from any consequences. Plan for best but think for the worst so that you will save yourself ready from any situation. We will suggest to you some of the tips for your safety.

1. Avoid Allergies: You will be knowing your allergies, be sure not to take any product you are allergic to.

2. First Aid Kit: Take a First aid kit for any injuries that may occur during hiking so that you will continue your journey without any stopper.

Brand: Kathmandu

Price: $49.98

Visit the website for more safety products.

3. Medicines:List down few necessary medicines you should take with you and some if you have any problem.

4. Tell someone about your trip:Share your plan with one of the closest people, share every detail with him or her so that if you got stuck somewhere, he or she should be able to know that. Remind them the day you are coming back. This helps you to feel secure while going alone.


It`s obvious that any camping and hiking area will not have proper signals, but we all cannot deny the fact that how important it the internet is for us today. Luckily we have some smart gadgets that can help you find access to WiFi. So whether you`re using it to connect with friends or family, searching for kinds of stuff on google, or finding roads, trails on google map, you can easily get internet on your solo camping trip with these.

However, some of the options that can help you get signals anywhere on the earth are.

Get Wi-Fi at the campsite, on the road, or anywhere else with these simple ways:

  1. Try Hotspot smart device data connection
  2. Portable Mobile WiFi Device
  3. Carry a Wi-Fi dongle for your laptop
  4. Try using a satellite internet specialist system
  5. Wi-Fi signal booster
  6. Consider unlimited data and data roaming

Few Exciting hacks to rock your first solo trip

Just in case if you`re interested in cool and creative DIY or hack, then we have listed some of the ideas that you can check out:

rock your solo trip

List of creative camping hacks:

1. Fireballs:Super weightless item that catches fire instantly. So you don`t have to struggle with burning fire on the campsite.

2. Tic TAC Container: We all love tic TAC, but have you ever thought that these tic TAC container can be you spice shakers on a trip. If not, then try using these containers by filling them with spices that you think you require most at the time of seasoning your food.

3. You can also make use of sage to repel mosquitos.

4. You can also keep sandpapers handy to light matches.

5. Toothpaste shots: Make toothpaste shots instead of a whole tube. But if you don`t know how to do that, then watch DIY videos.

Our Final Verdict

With these fantastic tips, gears, hacks, you can now plan your solo trip. Trust us, these all aspects will make your trip even more exciting. So make sure to pack less and carry those items only that are essential for you. Without further delay, search out the places you wish to explore and list them down and plan accordingly.

Happy Camping Alone

Don`t forget your portable battery and selfie stick to carry along with you.

Happy Camping Alone!

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