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Best Deals & Activities For Kids To Enjoy In Their School Holidays

No one is going to grumble about this holiday, coz we've got you covered with the best deals and activities. 

Everyone loves holidays whether kids or adults, But when it comes to kids, it the time when they want no studies and no books. All they want is fun activities and food.

They can't afford to just sit at home and roam here and there. They want more. Kids always need something new and exciting. Playing cricket and having a race is just a tedious activity for them. And here, the victims, we mean parents, are confused about what to do. 

While there are hundreds of activities parents can arrange for the kids and not only this, they can also enjoy them. Fun activities with a little source of education and knowledge that can help the kids in the future. 

This is a bit different from the New Zealand school holidays 2020. Let's explore some of the fun activities that the children can enjoy in their school holidays.

Nz school holidays 2021 will going to be more fun...!

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are the best way to bring the child closer to its surrounding. It can be entertaining as well as educating them. There are hundreds of school holiday packages and school holiday events that occur throughout New Zealand. Let`s check some of them.

Visit An Art Gallery

Visiting an art gallery with your kids can be entertaining and observing. The art pieces will leave an impact of creativeness in your child's brain. 

Best Picks

There are outstanding art galleries that exhibit incredible art pieces in New Zealand that are 

  • Auckland art gallery Toi o Tāmaki
  • Christchurch Art GalleryTe Puna o WaiwhetÅ« 
  • Dunedin Art Gallery 

Visit An Art Gallery

Plan A Botanical Garden Visit

Botanical gardens may sound a turn down to your kids, but they will love it once they find out. 

You can teach your kids some gardening stuff too. It is the best school holiday nz activity. Head to the nearby botanical garden this vacation. It is the most peaceful school holiday events Auckland and also in other cities due to its calming nature.

Best Picks

  • Christchurch botanic garden
  • Willington botanic garden
  • Auckland botanic garden

Best Picks

How About Camping 

Camping is the most loving and ideal school activity. Several schools organize kids holiday camp to explore the city hills and mountains. But if this year no school is offering the kids holiday program, then go for the family camping. Try outdoor B.B.Q. and enjoy star gazing with the kids.

Best Picks

  • Matai bay campsite
  • Matuari bay holiday park
  • Pohara beach holiday park 

These are the best spot for camping.

How About Camping

Go To The Zoo

This School holiday nz take your kids to the zoo. The zoo can never be boring if your child is an animal lover. Take them to the zoo to explore wildlife adventures. Cute pandas, giraffes, bears, and monkeys are kids' favorite. The safari ride is the coolest thing to do in school holidays.

Best Picks

  • Hamilton Zoo
  • Orana Wildlife Park
  • Willington Zoo

These are the best zoos around their cities.

Go to the Zoo

A Short Trip To Museum 

Schools are closed, but learning is open for your kid. Visit your city museum with the kid and teach them about history with artifacts, heritages, and other ancient stuff that told history. 

Best Picks

  • Auckland war memorial museum
  • Otago museum
  • Canterbury Museum
  • Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa 

These museums store historical heritages to wonder. 

A Short Trip to Museum

Plan Bird Watching

Make a dull day productive still fun. Plan bird watching with your kids. Grab the binoculars and enjoy them at the nearest park or plan a trip to a bird-watching site. It is a fun activity to spy the birds and also one of the free school holiday activities Auckland. 

Best Picks

Some of the astonishing birds watching sites are

  • Kapiti Island
  • Stewart Island 
  • And Lake Ellesmere

Plan Bird Watching

Stop At The Beach

School holiday specials! Beach is fun for kids and their most favorite spot, so take them there. Build a sandcastle, or play sand tic-tac-toe, or a kickball or soccer ball match will be fun too. Do not forget to pack the surfer board and enjoy surfing with kids. 

Best Picks

  • Piha beach
  • Hot water beach 

These are supreme choice for a perfect sunny beach day 

Stop at the Beach

Go For Horse Riding

Go horse riding with the kids. It will be a great source of joy and kids can learn a healthy activity to do that can help them to be physically fit in future too. They can also learn about horses and related stuff. There are many horse riding tours in different countries with impressive tracks.

Best Picks

  • Tongariro national park
  • Fiordland national park
  • Arthur's pass national park

These are some of the best horse riding trails in New Zealand

Go for Horse Riding

Indoor Activities

Suppose your outdoor plan is ruined by a natural disaster, maybe unexpected rain, or too hot weather. What will you do to have fun? Play video games? Okay, it's fine, but we have other extremely fun school holiday activities to do at home. So you can have an enjoyable school holiday nz. 

Water Gun War

Kids love water guns in every era. What about a water gun fight on the lawn on the hot summer days to beat the scorching sun rays? Nice idea right! There are many games kids can enjoy with water gun like 

  • Just divide the members into two groups, and the team member that gets soaked fast and has an empty gun first is a losing team. 
  • What about just a random war.

Water Gun War

Bake Cookies

Cookies are kid's most loved snacks. Baking them by themselves will add more fun. Take them to your kitchen and bake cookies with different flavors, style, and themes, Such as 

  • Star-shaped Cookies
  • Panda shaped Cookies
  • Car shaped Cookies 

Make topping and decorate them with the kid's favorite jams and sprinkles. It is the best pick as the yummiest school holiday activity ideas. 

Bake Cookies

Do Knitting

Knitting is not only for granny anymore. Knitting is more fun than just a traditional sweater knit. You can help your kid to knit creative art pieces with knitting. This can also help to open the creative side of your kid. There are many things that the kids can knit, such as 

  • Chick Basket
  • A small rug
  • A cute bib for a little sibling and many other items

Do Knitting

Play With Play-Dough

Playdough is trendy among children for the past few years. Due to its flexibility is widely loved by the child to make different things. Gather your children at the lounge and make different decoration pieces for their room with colorful play dough. Some of the ideas are 

  • A colorful Santa
  • A flower
  • Cupcake decoration pieces

Play with Play-Dough

Be Crafty

Talking about play dough and knitting. There is more thing to add to be a crafty kid. Arrange some colorful papers, a scissor, some pencil colors and marker, and a glue stick, and let the inner crafty of your kid storm out. Some craft ideas that can be made with papers are

  • Make a paper fish 
  • A Chinese paper fan 
  • Origami to decorate the window

Be Crafty

Cooking Contest

Hold a Master Chef contest at home. Start with basic and let them make the dishes on their own. With a bit of help, they can make something tasty to enjoy for dinner. Announce the winner and celebrate the victory by offering a small prize like a cupcake or a Pringles. Make cooking fun

  • Divide into two teams, be mother-son and father-daughter to have a nob and a pro at the teams, and then start to conquer the kitchen.
  • Simply let the nob cook. Divide the team among siblings, and parents can be the judge.
  • More fun can be added by planning some penalties and advantages in between the contest.

Cooking Contest

Board Games

Board games with the whole family are a fun thing to do. The face of the one who is losing and the excitement of the one who is winning is worth seeing. And the most terrific part when the table turns. Play board games to experience some laughter and fun. Some of the best board games are 

  • Monopoly
  • Guess who
  • Settler of Catan

Board Games

Watch A Movie

Holiday or not, Saturday night should be movie night for families. Set up the projector or just turn on the Television to watch the most favorite movie of your kid. Or a new animated movie that is just released will be great. Any family movie will also work out. Some of the iconic family movies to watch with kids are

  • The Lion King
  • The Harry Potter Series 
  • Home Alone 
  • Finding Nemo

Some of the new animated movies that you and your kid love are 

  • Rayan and the lost dragon
  • Over the Moon
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Black Beauty

Watch a Movie

Save The Realm 

Save the realm is a classic game to play with them in your house. How can you play this game? It is pretty simple.

  • Divide the family members into two kingdom
  • Each team has to save the realm. It can be represented as any object, or a simple D.I.Y. castle will be great to represent it.
  • Now the task is to make strategies to save the own realm and attack the opponents simultaneously.
  • The one kingdom that succeeds in this is the winner of the throne, while the loser team has to serve penalties.

Save the Realm

Try Treasure Hunt

No one can leave a treasure hunt when it comes to indoor games and one of the best school holiday activities at home

. It is a great game to play in the backyard of your house, or you can take a whole house. Hide objects at different parts of the house and the big treasure somewhere in the house and let them explore it. Make it twisty by

  • Hiding empty boxes same as the treasure box.
  • Setting points according to the small, medium, and big objects you hide along with the treasure box.
  • Giving several symbolic hints to the places where there is nothing or has small items with low points. 

Try Treasure Hunt

Exciting Deals For Kids To Enjoy

Besides all the things to do at home during school holidays. There are many deals that you can enjoy with your kid.

Travel And Accommodation 

The holiday is a fun-worthy time period. What about visiting the out-of-town or out-of-country relative, maybe grandma and grandpa or an aunt or uncle? Okay, you can just travel to another country to have some time with the kids and enjoy and explore the new place, its culture, and tradition. Many school holiday travel deals are there so you can have a good time with your kids like 

Use these coupons and code to save money, land at your favorite location, and just search the school holiday activities near me. You can find a lot of activities that are happening in the place you are in. 

Games And Entertainment 

Holidays are not fun without games. Whether it is video games or board games, no one can beat their charm. There are extreme discounts on video games and board that you have to find out to experience new games under school holiday deals nz. Of course, there is a discount on Lego too. Some other discounts on games that are available are list below:

Food And Beverages

Kids love eating tasty food. Therefore, several restaurants happily offer some fabulous kids' deals that make kids happy by heart and tummy. There are some food chains in restaurants that provide awesome kids' deals.

Alongside birthdays some restaurants also offer half-term holiday deals to charges kid's spirit.

Bottom Line

These are some crazy, fun activities that you can enjoy with your kids this school holiday nz. No doubt your kids will expand their vacation happily and shall never get bored. With these fun activities and deals, this School holidays 2021 is going to be the best one. So wait no more start off with all the planning now. 


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