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20+ Exciting Easter Traditions You Can Add To Your Family Calendar

With time a lot of traditions have faded away and are not celebrated as they once were. It`s often sad to see them go. Whether it`s Easter or any other religious event, numerous modern trends have made this holy week or events just a holiday week! Lamentably! We humans, are only concern about sales, what to purchases, and what not.

But not anymore!

So what, if the world seems to speed up, we still can bring back and practice the old Easter traditions.
Though we all know, Easter Sunday is coming up soon! So it probably a great moment for all of us to relive those old customs and celebrate Easter with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Must be trying to recall right! Fret not, we are here for your recuse. We have gathered all the best old and trending Easter traditions that you can enjoy and add to your family calendar.

Scroll down fast to read on. !!!!

What Is Easter & How Is It Celebrated?

Easter is one of the Christian festivals celebrated worldwide. Its purpose is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the Christian Bible, Easter occurs three days after the crucifixion of Jesus. It concludes the "Passion of Christ," which begins with 40 days of fasting known for Lent and is ended by the Holy Week. Holy week contains five major days of celebration. From Holy Thursday to Good Friday, people celebrate Easter with different practices.


Although Easter tradition is the same, but yes, you can add some exciting ways to it!

Plus, we can't forget eggs in the Easter celebration because the meaning of Easter eggs is associated with an ancient symbol of new life.

So considering eggs, here are our excited Easter celebration ideas for you!

20+ Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Easter Tradition

New Zealand Easter traditions are what keep a family together!

Easter is a beautiful time to celebrate family gatherings and creating lifelong memories! While keeping Easter customs live, our guide is here to help you enjoy Easter in exciting ways for now and for the years to come. So let's dig in!

1. Opt For Affordable Ways


As Easter is an event celebrated worldwide, many states celebrate it. Chances are you will see the sales. The sales are already on the go! So what are you still waiting for? Get everything you need from eggs of plastic material to new clothes, visit online stores like Catch or Kathmandu and get your hands on their live sales.

2. Plant An Easter Garden


Easter tree decorations are win-win assertions!

It's no secret that Easter things are already in the arrival of spring sales. So brighten your backyard with an array of blooming plants, and consider your purchases for marigolds, pansies, tulips, and petunias.

3. Decorate An Easter Egg Tree 


Easter egg tree is the basic tradition of all!

Choose any online arts and get anything you need for crafting and decorating eggs. Such as; craft store, purchase printed stuff, some foam or plastic eggs, and decoration pieces. This fun activity lets your kids get creative with the eggs. Attach colorful ribbons to each egg and hang it from an artificial or a live Easter tree.

4. Decorate Easter Eggs


Easter egg painting is a tried and true custom!

Dipping eggs in a luminously colored dye and watching it take shape is a delightful experience for kids of all ages! Yup, it really does! You can decorate eggs with glitter, stickers and end up decorating the Easter baskets. For more fun, plan an Easter egg decorating competition while offering prices. Call your neighbor kids and have more fun!

5. Make Easter Gifts And Cards


If you want to convey what you feel to your kids, siblings, or even neighbors, why not brighten Easter houses by presenting them with some ideas of cards and gifts, this Easter? Show them that you always think of them. Among Easter fun ideas at home, this is one of the affordable ways because you can get cards printed online at discounts and send them to anyone you want.

6. Let It Snow


Paper snowflakes really work best!

Make paper snowflakes and decorate them on your windows! It will give you the feel of snow even without the season. We believe it is much cozier! Plus, try making them with colored tissue paper instead of the usual white on the traditional craft and get some festive twist.

7. Make Your Advent Calendar


Gather some crafty supplies and DIY any one of these fun advent calendars. These are often known as Good Friday traditions for tiny treats. 

  1. Silver dollar or Sacagawea dollar
  2. Mini Lego figure
  3. Costume jewelry with branded makeup
  4. Tiny toy car or truck
  5. Small toy animal
  6. Wooden top
  7. Wrapped candy
  8. Temporary tattoo
  9. Sticker
  10. Lip balm
  11. Tiny button or pin
  12. Fortune teller miracle fish
  13. Scratch-off lottery ticket
  14. Fancy hair elastic or barrette

8. New Easter Clothes


Shopping for new clothes on Easter is an NZ custom. That's why you will always find Easter sales NZ online or in-store. So, take advantage of these sales and wear some branded low priced outfits for your cozy Holy week. To grab everyone`s attention at the gathering, wear some attractive makeup with our ultimate makeup guide. 

9. Easter Food Traditions


Start juggling with mixing bowls, and put on an apron!

Looking to eat something ambitious? Prepare something exciting and delicious this holy week! Try something new with bunny, chick, egg, and add some creative shapes, and bring some twist in your food! You can also add some icing elements or you can even go beyond coconut and candies.

After all, if you love traditional food, as many people do. The go for the iconic Hot cross buns.

As we all know, traditional food often fills up the kitchen with spicy, sweet, and fruity aromas!

10. Bake Hot Cross Buns And Enjoy Easter Bread


Rejoice this Easter festive with the traditional food your kids love the most! If you don't know how to bake Easter bread or buns, several online recipes are there.

Follow any of the simplest ones and make these the night before, so they're ready for a special Easter breakfast. You can give them egg shapes if you are looking after something unique.

11. Bake Easter Cookies


Cookies are often loved by all!

But if you have never baked cookies, worry not! Get pre-made sugar cookie dough! It's a instant solution of your worry.

You kids can help you to roll them and cut them out in Easter-themed shapes, for example.

Plenty of cute cookie cutters and cookies related accessories are available in the market! Plus, spread happiness by delivering Easter food gifts to your beloveds also.

12. Gather Round The Table


Many families have a typical Easter dinner or a big Easter brunch! It is very often that everyone's table is featuring ham.

But you can opt for some new recipes and invite some of your friends and well-wishers to bring generations together. Excitement, fun, food, and fellowship, are the best combos if you really relish your meet-up rounding the table!

13. Treats For The Easter Bunny


So you leave cookies and milk for Santa every Christmas? Easter bunny treats are the same! You can place some carrots and water out before your bedtime so that bunny cherishes the food!

14. Observe Lent


Lent is a season leading Easter traditions where some may choose to give up something they treasure as reminders of the 40 days of praying and fasting observed by the Church's Christ.

Others may prefer some other challenge – like changing a bad habit or opting for an act of service for poor people or a healthy new habit to serve humanity.

15. Egg Relay Race


Among Easter activities, this is going to be more fun!

Give all the kids (that are present) an end point in an egg relay race. Divide them into teams and provide them with a hard-boiled egg along with a spoon. Blow on the whistle to kick start the game, and let players balance an egg over spoon while walking (or you can set a running) to a given point and back! Once the first player is done with the task (either completed or dropped), hand it off to the next player. The first team to arrive on the finish line wins the game.

16. Shell Crack Game


Easter games are changing for better and a more fun ways are adopted year after year!

Shell crack game is loved and played quite often by kids in Easter. In this game each player gets his own hard-boiled Easter egg and is paired up with other player. The contest is to have each team smash the small ends of their eggs together. The player with the unbroken shell advances to the next round, pairing up and doing it again. The one who has the last untracked egg wins.

17. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just placing a basket out on Easter morning or opting for an Easter egg hunt, add a fun twist with a scavenger basket hunt!

For little kids, draw a map with picture clues. For older children, use written clues. For adults, let them hop to it by placing an Easter bunny footprint trail on the floor to direct them to their basket.

And enjoy!

18. Egg Rolling


In many New Zealand Easter traditions, egg rolling is an essential part of an Easter that usually occurs on Easter Monday. Decorated and hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a hill to see which egg can survive long without breaking. The fun is all about luck! There's no secret behind the win, yet it might depend on the way it`s rolled down!

19. Egg Time Machine


Memories are often lovely to see back!

Have your kid write a note to him or herself about now that can be placed inside a plastic egg and open up next year on Easter. Your kid can read about what they were thinking and doing in catholic Easter traditions when they were younger. It is a fun way to read how they have been growing in a year.

20. Get Easter Discounts


Love discounts? Get yourself the Easter discounts from coupon sites like There you will get discounts, coupons, and promo codes for any online brand that you relish the most. Either Mr. Vinatage or any brand from New Zealand, Discounty is your go-to Easter's pocket-friendly way!

21. Journey To Easter Through Scripture


Among religious Easter traditions and holy days, this idea is to aware everyone about the Christ religion! For many, packed with significance in Christ's resurrection, this is the perky way.

From today, research on scriptural things, go on solo hangouts & explore the religious values, and share throughout the weeks with your family leading up to the holy day that tells Easter's story.

22. Attend An Easter Parade 


Parades are ways to celebrate Easter around the world on Easter Sunday or a Good Friday. Everyone takes part in it!

Have your kids put on an Easter hat, wear unique outfits and accessories, hit the roads, watch out for the excitement, and have fun.

Marching premier bands, fire trucks, and colorful floats are often the highlights of the Easter parade, and can help you to stay thrifty and save money when you are a compulsive buyer .

23. Easter Traditions For Adults And Neighbors


Don't forget your friends and well-wishers this Easter!

Spread Easter pleasure by egging the neighbors with an Easter basket filled with goodies, might be they are looking forward to hearing from you! But remember not to break your bank!

To make it more affordable, start it from now, every day, consider your one neighbor and move to the next one, the next day!

Leave a basket on their front porch and ring the doorbell before running back home. Ensure the basket contains a sign "you have been egged." Add a clue about your family name to help them guess who bought it.

24. Attend Easter Service At Church


For many families, Easter traditions NZ wouldn't be completed without attending a church reverence service! If you are the one, pick out the day you want to visit there! And have some inner relaxation this Easter.

Remember, some churches host an early sunrise activity, and others hold a Saturday night Easter vigil. Consider all the things from now on! So you enjoy your Easter week stress-free!


25. Resurrection Of Eggs 

Explain the resurrection story of Christ to kids is really difficult!

Today's kids don't find it an interactive lesson! So to make it exciting to your kid, opt for some kind of hunt!

Use colorful plastic eggs of any count, place a piece of object in it that highlights any of Christian's history, Jesus's death, burial, resurrection, for example.

Use items such as donkeys, money, or sword. Hide the eggs in your home, and let your kids find them. Once your kids have found all the eggs, gather them, open the eggs in numbered order and assemble the resurrection story.


26. Take An Easter Family Photograph

Like many holy days, Easter is about making fun and memories. So make one of your Easter traditions this year as a family photograph taken together.

Take it as an opportunity! Dress up nicely and take a moment to look back on every year. They also make great giveaways for grandparents or other relatives.

Don't wait for Easter day to come for this picture. Set up your dress code and capture it now. Who knows, how much will you busy with your Easter gathering and What will be cost for pictures in those busy day! 

Better it is, to be more practical and save money

Some Other New Zealand Easter Traditions

You might miss out on some of the Easter traditions, so keep them fresh. Here are the most relished, fun ways to celebrate Easter, most out the just event to remember history.

1. Easter Traditions For Family

Start some of these family Easter traditions this year and give your family some beautiful memories. Anxious about how you will fit these into your pocket? Worry not!

While the customs are not all free, lots of these Easter traditions are pretty cheap and easy for all.


Incorporate some of these fun ways as your Easter traditions, and let this holiday make a hit for everyone!

2. Easter Food Traditions

Food does a fantastic job at bringing people together and hatching beautiful memories. Add a little extra sweetness to your family calendar this year with these fun food traditions!


These unique and affordable! Food traditions are going to be a significant win! Either you make them at home for your own little family or take them to a large Easter gathering.

3. Easter Service Traditions

Make this Easter memorable and begin one of these great service traditions. There isn't much more rewarding idea than serving your beloveds together as a family!


Our Roundup!

Well, there you have it all, some of our family Easter traditions!

It is nothing more distinctive than creating memories with your beloved ones while celebrating a holiday with such incredible meaning as Easter.

We believe, with these fun ideas, your family will have many meaningful traditions to look forward to each year. Enjoy the season!


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