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Best Ways To Cope And Deal With Kids Anxiety

Parents should take Kids Anxiety seriously as it's not a good sign to build their personality and growth.

Anxiety is one of the most critical challenges which many of our kids are facing these days. It can be very dangerous if not treated on time.

Being a parent, it's indispensable to keep an eye on your children to avoid disorders, as they can be very dangerous over time.

Read the complete article to learn about how to help a child struggling with Anxiety. Also, it will help you know whether your kids are facing this problem or not. 

Why is Mental Health Important for Kids? 

Mental health is the main component to build the excellent nurture and development of a kid. It helps in generating good self-esteem, self-confidence, and healthy relationships. Being a parent, you are responsible for giving them the perfect and adjustable environment for their excellent wellbeing.

Mental health is influenced by many things that include: environment, society, culture, school, family, and much more. It would help if you will be careful in each step of your and their life to avoid Anxiety in toddlers, as it is so common these days. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Kids Anxiety

Being a parent, you need to pay attention to your Kid's steps and activities to save them from any harmful activity. To help you out we are listing down few Kids Anxiety Symptoms which will help you protect your Kid from extreme level. 

Get Angry easily

Demand Perfection



Lack of Sleep

Procrastinate everything

Anxious while being Social

Why Anxiety Occurs in Kids?

Why anxiety occurs in kids?

Kids Anxiety can cause by several reasons. Some of them may include: 

Personality Traits

 It can be by the genetics or family history of a kid. The way they think about life and how confident they are about their decisions. 

Life Situations

Some sudden incidents like the death of a loved one, separation of parents, money-saving issues, any other relation broken can lead to anxiety in kids. 

Community and Society: Environment plays a vital role in childhood anxiety as children learn from what they see around them. 

Types Of Anxiety

There are many types of Kids Anxiety you will find in our society. Some of the major which affects the children most are described below:

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety in children occurs when they start facing people and interact with others or become the focus of others. When people pay attention to them, they started feeling anxious. Anxious children will have few friends as they shall be afraid of interacting with other peoples. They might feel shy and shall have thought to get judge badly by others. 

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

 Separation Anxiety in children comes with the fear and worry of living without parents and other peoples. Children are attached to their parents. That's why they get frustrated when they think of living without them. They refuse to go to daycare or any preschool hostels by protesting, crying, or struggling to be with their parents. Therefore, the foundation of Kids Anxiety leads to a lack of sleep which they face during separation from parents.

School Anxiety

School Anxiety

A school is a prominent place where Anxiety in children is generated very severely. They feel the tough competition and get worried about their pending works, assignments, and exams. The fear of failing harms them the most, and they start feeling frustrated from school and teachers. They lose their interest in performing activities and doing their home works and start procrastinating all the things. They might also pay less attention to their class and might avoid answering questions because of their inner fear. 

There are many more types of Anxiety in children under 10 and above, which may harm their personality and creating barriers in their career. 

How To Cope and Deal With Kids' Anxiety?

cope and deal with kids anxiety

Being a parent, you can help them in many ways to reduce their stress. Explaining Anxiety to kids also helps them fight and win over it. Here are few things for child anxiety treatment at home. 

Validate Their Feelings

Ensure your children that their feelings matter to you the most. Make them relax so that they can share their feelings and thoughts with you. Children express their feelings more when playing games. Get some time to play with them to understand what they are feeling and thinking. 

Tackle Negative Thoughts

Identify the negative thoughts coming into their minds. To tackle their negative thoughts, you need to perform three steps. 

Catch It: Identify the exact negative thought to tackle it. 

Challenge It: Challenge your Kid to fight with it by giving them some clues to prove that those arising thoughts are all worthless.

Change It: The final step is to replace that negative thought with a positive one.

Teach Deep Breathing

It is scientifically proven that deep breathing helps in decreasing anxiety and depression. Try to teach them this deep breathing exercise to calm down their body and mind. Ask them to do this exercise whenever they feel anxious or exhausted, as it helps to calm down and relax. 

Monitor Their Media Usage

Limit your children's time using social media and listening to the news. As social media also cause a considerable amount of Anxiety in kids by showing many negative stories and information. Therefore it`s not a good sign for them to spend extra time on social media as there are several distressing news always revolving.

Help Them Change The Mind

Try to change their mind from the things they are anxious about. Suggest them some solutions to their problems and if there is no solution make it straightforward for them. If they are worried about things they can't control, like someone's behavior or an unconditional situation, teach them that the only thing they can control is their behavior towards it. You can also change their mind by involving them in any other fun activity like playing games, watching movies, and much more. 

Reassure Your Child

Child Anxiety nz is getting so common these days as kids have a strange relationship with their parents. Being innocent; they require more comfort, reassurance, and support from their parents. You need to make them know that they are safe and being loved and looked after by you. You are always there to help them in every situation.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps to decrease the Anxiety of children. Good nutrition and some regular exercises are essential for mental and physical health. Child sleep anxiety also reduces with a healthy diet and exercise.

Seek Professional Help 

If things are going extraordinary, you must seek professional help for your Kid.

How to treat kids anxiety professionally?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This can be the Gold standard therapy for anxiety disorders within 12 weeks. This therapy's core principle is to identify what the Kid is feeling, behaving, and connecting themselves to others. This therapy helps them to challenge the negative thoughts and replace them with a positive ones. Also, CBT helps a kid to avoid their fears by making them face it with the confidence. The challenging part of this therapy is that it's imperative to build a good relationship between the Kid and the therapist. 

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This therapy is the best anxiety relief for kids. ACT uses mindful and unique techniques to help children live the actual moments of life without self-judgment. This therapy helps a child accept the problems and disentangle or distance themselves from them to enjoy life properly. 

Supportive Parenting & Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE)

This is not the therapy but a program designed for parents. In this program, parents are advised to change their behavior towards helping children with Anxiety. A study proved that this program is as effective as cognitive therapy performed by kids. 

Final Verdict

Being a parent and handling your kids Anxiety can be challenging. But the best way one can practice is by spending time with them. Embrace some independence where possible to let them express their inner self but also set some boundaries. All you need is to take some time to connect with them to understand their problems and threats to help them in every manner. 

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