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Kathmandu Review - 2021 Everything You Need To Know

Does finding the best outdoor gear is getting stressful for you? Are doubts rolling over your head and confusing you whether to refer Kathmandu brand or not?

Don`t worry, and we`re here for you; we have been through the journey of Kathmandu store review and have gathered the best possible information that you need to know. Furthermore, let us guide you. We have collected all the information from online forums, word-of-mouth, rating website, buying guide product reviews.

Without any delays, let delve into our review.

About Kathmandu

Kathmandu is serving the travel and outdoor adventure industry for the past 30 years. They take pride in designing gears to take the rugged landscape of homeland and outfit to people. So that can they can pack less and have more fun. They are also one of the largest Australasian retailers to become a Certified B Corporation. Given below are its eye-attracting categories that we explored during the Kathmandu review.

kathmandu review

Breathtaking & Impressive Categories

Over the past 5 years, we have tested many top-notch sites, brands, and their products; we`ve purchases countless top products for rigorous, side-by-side comparison.

However, upon receiving several requests on doing the Kathmandu brand review, we thought of considering this brand. Since we had never heard about them before this, but we were quite impressed by their comprehensive categories and overall quality.

It`s a simple yet thoughtful product line, along with the fact that they are striving to take responsibility for their impact on our fragile world, which was truly amazing. Here`s presenting some of the products that we reviewed from their categories.

Kathmandu`s Wide Comprehensive Collection

Kathmandu’s Wide Comprehensiv


Like all the top-notch tent reviews, the Kathmandu tent review is all over the internet. Kathmandu`s tents have unique specifications, usages and their lightweightness might not suit everyone. But if you`re searching for lightweight tents along with two-person capacity and having a large amount of internal space, we would recommend you the following. These tents are well worth the money, as we`ve reviewed them closely.

1) Mono 1 Person Tent v2

While doing our Kathmandu mono tent review, we came across many of its mind-blowing features. We found it was a lightweight tunnel design tent that was fast and super easy to put up in poor weather.


  • Packed size 18cm x36cm
  • Packed volume 6.9L
  • Overall dimension 232 cm x 150cm

Kathmandu mono tent review

Member Price $174.99 Price: $249.98

2) Lansan Ultralight Tent

After reading several lansan ultralight tent reviews, we landed on its official site of Kathmandu to view this tent. We discovered. This tent was fantastic. It was waterproof, lightweight, and easy to pitch and pack.


  • Packed Size 14cm x 50cm
  • Packed Volume 7.2L
  • Overall dimensions 310cm x 125cm

lansan ultralight tent reviews

Member Price $489.99 Price: $699. 98


When choosing a jacket, we all look for a jacket that can fulfill our all desires at has all the mind-blowing features. Since we already have so many top-notch brands available in the market, so we had to consider certain aspects while reviewing Kathmandu`s jackets. Here`s what to found:

Star Ratings after Kathmandu jacket review

  • Kathmandu puffer jacket review
  • Kathmandu down jacket review
  • Kathmandu Winterburn jacket review

Moreover, given below are some of its bestselling ones that you can view:

Customer's Review

Kathmandu monrovia jacket review

Monrovia Waterproof Jacket v2 Men

Out of stock

Though this jacket is currently unavailable, after Kathmandu monrovia jacket review, we are desperately waiting for it to return back in stock.

Kathmandu Andulo jacket review

Andulo Men`s Rain Jacket v3

Now: $100.00

We were obsessed after doing the Kathmandu Andulo jacket review. The jacket is waterproof, windproof, high collar, and has a regular fit too.

Kathmandu Heli jacket review

Heli Women`s 550 Fill Lightweight own Jacket

Regular Price: $249.98 Now $90.00 Was $110.00

Our Kathmandu Heli jacket review are positive for this jacket. As it has all the features that you`ve been looking for this whole time

Kathmandu epiq down jacket review

Eqip Men`s 600 Fill Hooded Down Jacket

Member Price $279.99 Price: $399.98

We were fully satisfied after doing the Kathmandu epiq down jacket review. We must say that it is worth the purchase. So if you want to check more features, visit the site.

Kathmandu Bealey jacket review

Bealey Men`s Gore-Tex Jacket

Members price $279.99 Price $399.98

We weren`t almost satisfied with it after the Kathmandu Bealey jacket review. Thought it had all features yet still. Moreover, we could only find XS size.

Aysen Men`s Gore-Tex Jacket

Member price $419.99 Price $599.98

If you ask us about our Kathmandu gore-tex jacket review, we would say that it`s the best jacket, super cost-effective, and fully seam-sealed.

Kathmandu Benmore 5 in 1 jacket review

Benmore Men`s 5-in-1 Jackets

Member Price $454.99 Price $649.98

After doing Kathmandu Benmore 5 in 1 jacket review, our perspective changes. This jacket does come with excellent quality and removable sleeves. It even has durable water repellent (DWR).

Trailhead women`s Rain Jacket

From $ 120.00

We were super pleased with the Kathmandu trailhead rain jacket review. This jacket is durable, waterproof, and has highly breathable fabric.


We`ve been testing hiking boots for the past couple of years, with more than 50+ models bought and tested each year. This review analyses 5 of the best categories available at the Kathmandu store. Our dedicated review team is a group of hikers, so they wanted to share their experience with you. This wonderful team of enthusiasts spends most of their time hiking through mountains, deserts, and forests. The resulting Kathmandu review has everything that you need to know.

Product Reviews Ratings
kathmandu boots review
Backpacking Boot/ Midweight Hiker Good Quality
kathmandu shoes review
Backpacking Boot/ Midweight Hiker Impressive design
kathmandu hiking boots review
Backpacking Boot/ Midweight Hiker Cost effective
kathmandu waterproof boots
Backpacking Boot/ Midweight Hiker Durable material
kathmandu tiber ngx boot review
Backpacking Boot/ Midweight Hiker Long lasting

Overall Rating

shoes rating

Sleeping bags

Despite the fact that Kathmandu product`s being so popular, yet we still dint came across manyKathmandu sleeping bag review, but we did find two popular sleeping bags. So we gave them a try to check why these sleeping bags are trending.

Comet Water Repellent Down Sleeping Bag

Members Price $209.99 Price: $299.98

Our team was completely satisfied with doing the Kathmandu comet sleeping bag review. So if anyone is looking for a sleeping bag then, we`ll surely recommend this to all.

 Kathmandu comet sleeping bag review

Kathmandu pathfinder sleeping bag review

Pathfinder Water Repellent Drifill own Sleeping Bag

Members Price $349.99 Price: $499.98

After doing Kathmandu pathfinder sleeping bag review, we came to know that it`s super comfy as well as available at cost valid prices. So if you`re someone who is looking for a cheap sleeping bag, then this is the one.

Customer's Review

Kathmanu gear review

Our team also gave a close look at its retreat products while doing its Kathmandu review. Here`s what our team has concluded.

Kathmandu retreat 40 review

Members Price $6.99 Price $9.98

After using this product, our Kathmandu retreat 40 review are positive. So we`ll recommend it to all.

Kathmandu retreat 80 review

Members Price $13.99 Price $19.98

Given a close look at this product, our Kathmandu retreat 80 review are the same as for retreat 40 poles

kathmandu retreat 280 review
Retreat 280 poles

Members Price $23.98 Price $29.98

While our team was busy with kathmandu retreat 280 review, the end result concluded that it was also same but had minor differences.

review of kathmandu

Our Kathmandu pants review are unbiased and based on our personal experience.So if you want to reassure yourself, then you can visit its official site.

Kathmandu hiking pants review

Members Price $174.99 Price $249.98

Nothing can be better than these hiking pants from Kathmandu. We are super convinced after our Kathmandu hiking pants review. These pants are durable water repellent plus light weighted too.

Flight Men`s Long Pants

Members Price $97.99 Price $139.98

If you`re a solo traveler, then these pants are must to have in your wardrobe. After viewing several Kathmandu flight pants review, we are in love with its key specification and features.

Kathmandu flight pants review

Overall Rating

pants rating

Our Kathmandu clothing review

We must say the quality of its clothing is high class and it would not be fair if we don`t share it with our beloved consumers. So if we had to rate it in terms of the star, we would give it 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Captivating Services of Kathmandu

We were quite happy to explore so many services in this Kathmandu review that kept us digging in more stuff from the site. Listed below are its exciting benefits that you can avail of at any point during your purchases.


After exploring Kathmandu return policy review, we had to land on its official site to recheck policies that we have read. Here`s what we found in its return policy section:

  • They provide an extended return period for Christmas purchases
  • They accept damage or faulty items
  • You can quickly return an item
  • International returns are possible
  • Gift card return is also valid
  • The return policy is a little easier
  • They even allow returning orders purchased with a gift card
  • They even enable returning orders purchased via AfterPay
  • Services for missing items, incomplete orders, or wrong item received

2. Click & Collect

The most captivating part that we came across while Kathmandu review was its click & collect services, which allow you to order for same-day collection. As this type of service is often not offered by many stores. But at Kathmandu, you can enjoy this service. So if you`re heading out on a hiking trip, then order it to get same day collection.


  • If the order is in store, you can collect it within 2-4 hours ( during business hours)
  • For out-of-stock items, it can take up to 3-7 business days for the order to arrive at the store.

3. Size, Fit & Warmth Guide

Our team also did Kathmandu sizing review. Here what we found and why we are satisfied.

1. Clothing Size Charts

  • Available for men, women & kids
  • Updated fit clothing Size Chart: Available for both men and women

2. Footwear size chart

  • Size Chart available for men, women & kids
  • Adult Unisex size chart also available

3. Waterproof & warmth Guides

  • Tips and tricks available

4. Product recalls

If you have any problems related to products, you can use any of these options:

  • Karinjo Child carrier boll issue
  • Hybrid Trolley Wheel set issue
  • Hybrid Trolley Wheel set fix

5. Gift Card

Here also exciting services that we came across while Kathmandu reviews. Kathmandu even offers gift cards, plus it has no expiry date. So if you have no time to shop, use the Kathmandu e-gift card now.

 kathmandu gift card

Customer Services

We must admit that Kathmandu`s customers support team is excellent. They are 24/7 available to help customers with any queries regarding products, Kathmandu promo codes, and services. Thus, if you want to connect with its team, you can call them on their official number or directly send them an email.

Kathmandu`s customer service reviews

kathmandu customer service review

pros & cons of kathmandu

Final Wrap Up

We hope that our unbiased Kathmandu review has cleared all the doubts about this store. So if you want to shop hiking or camping products at cost valid prices then avail of the Kathmandu promo code and shop from the Kathmandu store and get products at discounted. Thus if you wish to learn more about this store, we suggest you visit the store and explore its categories and services.