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Mr Vintage Review - What Makes Mr Vintage So Popular On Social Media

Mr Vintage, New Zealand`s top leading t-shirt brand, is creating controversy again. This time, they are hitching the power of social media to launch its collection.

You might want to know how Mr Vintage is using social media to target its audience. Why is it actually a war at Mr Vintage`s collection? Or do their T-shirts and other gifts are really worth it? Or even its gifts` prices are categorically competitive or not?

Hold on!

We are here to guide you about every bit of information that we`ve gathered.

We are going to provide you with complete details with our Mr Vintage review New Zealand. We assure you our review will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts about this brand.

So dig into the details with some patience and get to know everything about Mr Vintage and its trendy collections.


Social Media War At Mr Vintage


We reviewed that back in 2009, Mr Vintage faced a loss from Australian t-shirt brands who plagiarized Mr Vintage`s patterns and ideas of outfits.

And rather than taking legal action against those Australian brands, Mr Vintage decided to get their 7,800 Facebook fans and 1,800 Twitter followers into battle against the competitors.

In response to the social media war that erupted, we explored that social media marketing`s gained more attention than any other marketing strategy for Mr Vintage.

As a result of that social competition held by Mr Vintage, the number of fans and followers jumped from 3,000 to 9,000. After that, we could say that Mr Vintage became the 5th most talked-about topic on social media.

With over 10,000+ fans and followers on the social networking sites, we found that Mr Vintage keeps its supporters active by posting daily new trends and offering fans exclusive information of new t-shirt launches.

We also get the updates!

We pride Mr Vintage for being the New Zealand`s premium online t-shirt brand, stocking the best range of authentic `80s themed and pop culture clothing.

An integral part of Mr Vintage is to discover Tradition!


Traditionally Themed And Pop Cultured Clothing at Mr Vintage

Thousands of people favor Mr Vintage due to its versatility, style, quality, and functionality. Over the years, Mr Vintage reviews NZ are featured in global social sites. It made its name prominent in the world`s face with its range of options, versatility in design, and quality of the material.

Its products are well crafted with leather patches, felt applique, custom neck labels, and right through to custom cut and sewn garments. You can apply some money saving tips to avail their products in discounts. 


Here are the products that we liked from Mr Vintage so far:


1. From Mr Vintage Apparel`s Collection 

4 Stars

Mr Vintage has an awesome comfortable collection of men, women and kid`s t-shirts and other apparel. We have checked their collection, and we were surprised to see that the founder has worked with passion for 40 years. This compelled us to compose the Mr vintage Review New Zealand so you can get benefited. Even women can wear them with the best of eyeshadow palettes. Most of its well-ordered t-shirts are;

  1. Aroha Your Heart mens cardinal t-shirt
  2. East Coast Wave mens navy t-shirt
  3. Dick Frizzell - Sailor Jerry Anchor Sleeve womens navy t-shirt
  4. Chur Bay womens rose t-shirt
  5. Kids Cool Your Jets T-Shirt
  6. Daffodil Lion kids green t-shirt

2. From Mr Vintage Home And Living Style

4 Stars

If you want to upgrade your living style, or looking for a solo hangout, Mr Vintage has cute gifts for you. The brand emphasizes low price and high quality for home improvement and décor. It has international standard incredible products that they deliver at your doorstep along with a significant guide as well.

From our Mr Vintage review New Zealand, we digged out the best of little gifts from its extensive collection such as:

  1. Jet Planes sublimated 2ply face mask
  2. 3 Drink Bottle Combo (Fantail Tui Pohutukawa)
  3. Always Blow on the mug
  4. Cuties Kakapo Floor Mat
  5. Daffodil Mandala KellyGreen Tote
  6. Flit the Fantail and the Mystery Eggs


Which High Points Of Mr Vintage Impress Us Most?

4.5 Stars

The team at Discountya popular New Zealand Site to avail Coupons works to provide you with the best of impressive points of Mr Vintage. Here are few:


Motif Designs

From the initial brief of our Mr Vintage review New Zealand, we found that they brainstorm ideas and concepts for product design, packaging, and promotion. Then they decide the concepts to start as initial sketches, and after feedback and revisions, they produce final artwork that both brand and customers are happy with!


Improvements & Promotions

A considerable part of their business is marketing and promotion. After Mr Vintage NZ review, we got to know that social media was the foundation on which Vintage built its brand. To this day, it enables the brand to communicate and engage with its audience in a unique, natural, and non-contrived way.


Stock & Retails 

After our Mr vintage review New Zealand, we can declare them with the word 'Synergy.' It is a buzz-word defining how Mr. Vinatge`s collection is pretty passionate about clothing. We found that they have even got a framed 'promote synergy' post note on social media`s post wall and currently have 50+ retail stores. 


Exclusive Production

For most of our Mr Vintage New Zealand review, we reviewed that they utilize the screen-printing method and the latest digital and sublimation printing methods to produce traditional embroidery and decoration apparel. Plus, they print all their products themselves for nearly 40 years.


Exclusive Production

For most of our Mr Vintage New Zealand review, we reviewed that they utilize the screen-printing method and the latest digital and sublimation printing methods to produce traditional embroidery and decoration apparel. Plus, they print all their products themselves for nearly 40 years.

Critique Benefits And Barriers At Mr Vintage 

4.3 Stars

All our Mr Vintage reviews peruse an overall positive experience with stylish clothing, despite some slight discomfort. Have a look at the reviews below from customers for Mr Vintage.





Mr Vintage`s Benefits We Experienced

  1. You would get the fixed shipping prices if you placed an order within New Zealand state.
  2. Their return policy is as smooth as you place an order.
  3. Before placing an order, you can select the size of the t-shirt in detail to save your product`s blunders. 
  4. The brand offers you a gift voucher card with a limit of up to 150.0 NZ dollars. 
  5. They offer numerous ways to pay for the products, such as all types of credit cards, and even you can pay directly via cash. 


Mr Vintage`s Barriers We Experienced

  1. The shipping rates are quite expensive for customers settled in states like Australia or other than NZ. 
  2. They do not currently have any physical store in NZ

Is Mr Vintage legit? 

Surely! Mr Vintage is an effective and affordable way to style up living and wearing. It offers unique lifestyle clothing and colorful dresses inspired by 70`s style silhouettes. From women`s hoodies to bold patterned or customized t-shirts, this brand provides you the best out of every competitor`s style. 

You might conflict that their prices are relatively low, how could the stuff be reliable. The thing is, prices don`t decide the quality. Inspiration does! 

It`s iconic and uniquely Kiwiana T-shirts and Gifts are just invincible. Plus, if you want their products on discount, you can avail of their Mr Vintage Coupon codes.

This is what our Mr vintage review new Zealand concludes.

Our Over All Experience At Mr Vintage

4.5 Stars

The Brand is pretty virtuous for all stunning t-shirts for men, women, and kids. We`ve reviewed its designer products and have never been disappointed. As we mentioned, our Mr Vintage review New Zealand was just impressive. A most quintessential part of the brands that make it highly stigmatized is its affordable prices.

We want to conclude our Mr Vintage review with the following facts.

  1. It has excellent customer service.
  2. It is ideal for everyone because of its affordability.
  3. It has a vast collection that suits everyone`s taste.
  4. It has everything for a person`s new style.